Space Systems MOSA Interface Standards Alliance Announces Formation for Standards Development

Unifying the development of Standards that promote and enable standardized space system interfaces toward the achievement of plug-and-play interoperability

PISCATAWAY, NJ 8 DECEMBER 2022: The IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (ISTO), an international federation of leading groups and consortia dedicated to the advancement of standardized technologies for the benefit of industry, today announces its newest member program, Space Systems MOSA Interface Standards Alliance.

Sponsored by the Space Systems Command (SSC) under the United States Space Force (USSF), the Space Systems MOSA Interface Standards Alliance is a Government-guided collaboration with IEEE-ISTO for the development of Modular Open System Approach (MOSA) interface standards that enable interoperability at key space system interfaces. Standardization of key space system interfaces will provide the warfighter with resilient systems that enable rapid technology insertion and refreshments.

According to the DoD Defense Standardization Program (DSP) website, “MOSA enabling standards can best be described as widely accepted, supported and consensus-based standards set by recognized standards organizations or the marketplace.” A recent message from the SSC Commander stated, “We must look across our entire space enterprise as an integrated system of many systems and missions – and consider interoperability and resilience a critical part of delivering any space capability.”

“SSC is pleased to collaborate with IEEE-ISTO to develop industry consensus-based standards. Collaboration with industry on interface standards is essential to ensure the standards meet both industry and mission needs”, said Dr. Claire Leon, SSC’s Space Systems Integration Office director. “Establishing robust interface standards will improve interoperability between systems and enhance our U.S. space systems resiliency.”

“IEEE-ISTO welcomes the Space Systems MOSA Interface Standards Alliance as a new member program of IEEE-ISTO Federation of Programs. IEEE-ISTO looks forward to collaborating on this important step in achieving space system interoperability and the Alliance’s
mission to develop industry consensus-based standards to effectively advance U.S. Space Programs” said Adam Newman, IEEE-ISTO president.

The Space Systems MOSA Interface Standards Alliance brings together committees of specialized technical skill sets from industry and spacefaring Government partners whose combined expertise will inform consensus-developed, immediately implementable standards that enable Government-driven objectives. Furthermore, Government-guided interface standardization will increase opportunities for new entrants to better compete in the established market.

“As the Space Systems MOSA Interface Standards lead, I’m looking forward to collaborating with the IEEE-ISTO, industry, and National Security Space partners in the development of a synergistic set of space system interoperability standards that will help move SSC into a future of new technological capabilities for a strong Space Force”, said Eric Mattessich, SSC’s Space System Integration Office. “Standardized interfaces will foster a wider Space industrial base and increase potential opportunities for us to benefit from a broader range of innovations by new entrants and our current industrial base.”

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Space Systems MOSA Interface Standards Alliance Announces Formation for Standards Development