The Space Systems MOSA Interface Standards Alliance is proud to announce the kick-off of the “Highly Standardized SV/LV Interface” Committee and the “Test Requirements for Ground Systems” Committee.  The “Highly Standardized SV/LV Interface” Committee will significantly revise the current National Security Space Launch (NSSL) System Interface Specification (SIS) to more comprehensively standardize the Launch Vehicle and Space Vehicle interface, and other aspects of launch vehicle integration to further accelerate U.S. launch readiness and greater access to space.

All the MOSA Alliance committees are working at an accelerated pace and interested companies are encouraged to join these new committees now to avoid missing opportunities to provide input for key decisions that could affect future U.S. Space programs.  All MOSA Alliance Standards are intended to be applied to future programs rather than legacy or in-work programs.  So, your input now can help shape the direction and application of our future space capabilities.

Who we are

The Space Systems MOSA Interface Standards Alliance is interested in rapidly developing modular open system approach (MOSA) compliant space system standards that will enable interoperability at key system interfaces. Collaborating with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Industry Standards and Technology Organization (IEEE-ISTO) will enable the Space Systems MOSA Interface Standards Alliance to leverage agile development methods to expedite the standards development process.

The Space Systems MOSA Interface Standards Alliance is a government-guided collaboration with industry for the purpose of voluntary consensus development of space system interface standards, in accordance with Public Law 104-113, and OMB Circular A-119. Furthermore, in accordance with the MOSA laws specified in the 2015/2017/2022/2021 National Defense Authorization Acts (NDAA), the space system interface specifications will enable and foster interoperability at key system interfaces

Artificial satellites orbiting the planet Earth in outer space.

What We Do

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The Space Systems MOSA Interface Standards Alliance consists of committees and subcommittees developing interoperability standards that meet Enterprise-defined objectives.  The collection of standards developed by the alliance will synergistically support Enterprise objectives.  By creating standardized interfaces, the Enterprise seeks to benefit from a wider range of industry innovations and bring newer technologies to our warfighters faster.  Standardization will also enable and foster the ability of non-traditional companies to enter the established market.


The objective of the Space Systems MOSA Interface Alliance is to have multiple committees/subcommittees developing interface standards across all segments of space systems.  The Alliance will target a subset of interfaces within and across the Space, Ground, Launch, and User segments.

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