The Committees below are planned and will be instantiated in priority order as determined by the Alliance Executive Board.  The committees highlighted in blue font are in-progress.

Committee Steering Groups

Space Enterprise Network


  • Space-to-Space (Crosslinks)
  • Space-to-Gateway/Ground
  • Common Payload Interface – C&DH
  • Space Network
  • Mission SV to Space Network Adapter



  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) in Space Systems
  • Secure Networking
  • Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) for Space Systems

User Segment


  • Common Data Format
  • Payload Sensor-to-Red Processor
  • UX/UI: Useability/Design
  • UX/UI: Style Guide
  • UX/UI: Application Programming Interface
  • Enterprise Common Messaging
  • Enterprise Operations to Tactical C2



  • Highly Standardized NSSL SV/LV Interface
  • Hosted Payload Standards (Ground Integration)
  • ESPA/LDPE & Rooster Interfaces Standards
  • Multi-Manifest Interfaces Standards

Space Mobility & Logistics


  • Rendezvous & Proximity Operations
  • Grappling & Fiducial Markers
  • In-Space Propellant Transfer / Fuel Type Standards
  • Propulsive Tug
  • In-Space Repair
  • Collecting & Reporting Logistics Data
  • Modular Component / In-Space Connector Standards
  • In-Space Integration Standards
  • Auxiliary Payload Port (for In-Space Integration)
  • In-Space Manufacturing

Flexible Terminal


  • Flexible Terminal Interface (FTI)
  • Flexible Network Interface (FNI)
  • Service Provider Enterprise Management Control Interface (SP-EMCi)
  • Satellite Service Access Network (SSAN)
  • Mission Session Manager (MSM)