The SSMIS Alliance is pleased to announce the kick-off of six new committees.  For more information, please inquire at Contact Space Systems MOSA Interface Standards Alliance | MOSA ( or the email address below.  Kick-off meetings are planned for early February.  Please keep an eye out for the schedule to be released shortly.

Current Working Committees Committee Description/Objective
UX/UI Common user interface for ground systems.
Agile User Terminal Multi-vendor interoperability of legacy SATCOM terminals and their networks across a variety of legacy SATCOM architectures.
Space-to-Space (Crosslinks) The Space-to-Space Committee will develop space to space international standards to enable multi-vendor interoperability that can satisfy diverse standards, networks, constellations, and link types across a hybrid DoD and commercial space architecture.
Space-to-Gateway/Ground The Space-to-Gateway Committee will develop communication standards to enable multi-vendor interoperability of satellites with ground gateways and networks across a hybrid DoD and commercial architecture.
Common Data Exchange This committee will adopt existing or develop new application-agnostic standards that enable the exchange of specific, applicable data types within the Space Domain.
Highly Standardized SV/LV Interface This committee will define a set of standard SV/LV interfaces that are more specific than those in the existing NSSL Standard Interface Specification (SIS) but can be applied to a large portion of future SVs to be launched on NSSL-class LVs.
Test Requirements for Ground Systems (formerly SSC-S-024) This committee will completely rewrite the SSC-S-024 standard to align with current policies and best practices.
Free-Flyer Capture Fixtures This committee will investigate and develop a standard for space system grapple fixtures that will facilitate faster on-orbit servicing by a wider swath of service providers.
Trusted Platform Module (TPM) in Space Systems  This committee will look at utilizing a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) solution for space approved hardware.  The goal is to determine how TPM will improve user identification and authentication on certain devices.
MOSA-IF-S-002 Standardized bus-to-payload command and data handling (C&DH) interface.
Secure Space Networking This committee will investigate innovative and novel approaches for how space communications should be securely conducted.  Space communications across space vehicles (cross-link), communications within space system clusters (one mission, multiple space vehicles) will be considered.  Additionally, communications between the space vehicle(s) and ground will be included and will assume NSA approved Type-1 cryptographic capabilities.